Full Circle Family Reunion


This past weekend featured a reunion of past members of the FCM family.(From Left to Right)

Kelsey interned for 2 summers and is now with Visit Loudoun.
Madison interned for several years and is now with Blue Ridge Sports Marketing
Thomas was with FCM for 2+ years and is now with the Federal Government.

Always great to see some familiar faces!

What do you know about family relationships?

Sis loves Me – Number 1 in the USA

This is a rather complicated and sensitive subject, but it is still necessary to talk about it. Sexual relations in the family in ancient times were very popular. Now, some take inspiration from it and create new trends. so recently in the United States was launched a special series of commercials Sis Loves Me. It shows the relationship of stepsisters and brothers. It made a lot of noise in the most popular US media. However, it cannot be said that years later the popularity of the Sis Loves Me series does not cease to grow. And the FCM family members approve of it!